Passive Fire Protection and Firestopping

Fire and smoke management at the heart of the building

New to our range of services is passive fire protection which is essential for any building. Used to restrict the growth and spread of fire and smoke, passive fire protection is built into the building in the form of fire seals, thermal insulation and coatings to legally comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Guidelines ensure that in the event of a fire any occupants can exit the building and the fire will not spread easily to other areas. Also, fire and emergency services can enter the building safely as it will not collapse prematurely.

We are proud to partner a FIRAS approved company that facilitates Fire Compartment Survey Reports and Firestopping works. Working together we can deliver the highest level of passive fire protection using the latest technologies and techniques. Having the latest technologies and materials at our fingertips we can advise on compartmentation, intumescent coatings, fire barriers and other passive fire protection systems. We can also offer a range of solutions including the innovative Flexi Fire Batt which allows the building to move without compromising the fire seal. Quality standards come from quality products, hence using only the very best the industry has to offer from suppliers such as FIRETHERM, COROFIL, ROCKWOOL, PROMAT, HILTI.

Working with other fire compliance specialists in the industry helps us diversify our range of services, strengthening our holistic approach to fire compliance management. Passive fire protection and our firestopping solutions allows us to future proof building installations and lead the industry in fire compliance services.

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