Dry Risers & Fire Hydrants

Accessible, Dependable, Safe…

Our commitment to fire safety services gives us a detailed understanding what trained personnel need to use should a fire situation occur. We can help you assess, install and maintain dry risers and fire hydrants to ensure that fire safety equipment onsite is safe, secure, accessible and fully operational should the worst happen.

Dry risers and fire hydrants should be installed and tested in accordance with BS 9990. Our 15 years’ experience in the industry ensures that we understand what needs to be tested and to what standard, so that you’re always compliant.

Fire Compliance Services can help ensure that you are compliant by offering:

Dry Riser Testing – A critical part of fire safety testing, dry riser testing needs to be carried out annually, with six-month visual inspections. It often identifies faults due to vandalism, theft, plus blockages in pipework and air valve failure. As planning an inspection can require detailed project management, our team can carry out the whole testing process.

Dry Riser Repairs – Whether accidental damage or upgrading pipelines and valves, we have an experienced team that can respond 24/7 to dry riser repairs. We can provide a quick and easy service with any dry riser repairs being carried out to the highest standard.

Fire Hydrant Testing – Used by Fire Brigades, fire hydrants are a life line if a fire incident occurs, providing a supply of water for fighting fires. Testing of a fire hydrant is the responsibility of the owner, occupier or operator of the site if it’s located on private property. In line with guidelines, fire hydrants should be inspected and tested once a year to make sure flow rate and water pressure are optimal. Our fire safety professionals can provide detailed testing, with full documentation provided as standard.

Fire Safety Signage – All signage supplied by Fire Compliance Services meets regulatory guidelines and can be installed quickly to complete our fire safety services.


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