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Inspection and Installation

Prevent the spread of smoke and fire - fire door inspections report, fire door installations, repairs and upgrades

Fire doors stop the spread of smoke and fire helping to protect escape routes to give extra time to respond, minimising damage and safeguarding lives. At FCS we offer a complete range of fire door services. Whether you require your fire doors to be inspected or you require new fire doors to be installed our qualified competent fire door technician will be able to assist.

  • Fire Door Inspection Reports

    Fire doors need to be inspected and maintained to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and 6 monthly inspections are recommended by BS 9999 and monthly checks are outlined in the government documentation. At FCS our experts can perform extensive checks to assess each of the key components for faults, damage and non-compliance. Our fire door inspection report will provide you with a full asset register detailing the location, performance and condition of all your doors, offering advice and recommendations.
  • Fire Door Repairs & Upgrades

    Regular fire door inspections can help to identify minor issues and ensure that they are rectified promptly to avoid any major works. Our fire door technicians can carry out repairs and upgrades to existing fire doors to ensure that they meet current regulations.
  • Fire Door Installations

    We can offer an extensive range of fire doors to meet your requirements and budgets. We can also offer bespoke certified timber door sets and heavy duty steel fire exit door replacements. All our fire doors are fitted to the latest regulations, fully certified and guaranteed for quality and function.
  • Fire Compartment Surveys

    Fire compartmentation is the subdivision of buildings into manageable areas of risk. It can help prevent the spread of fire and smoke by separating escape routes from hazards and thereby aid emergency evacuations. At FCS our fire safety experts can provide detailed fire compartmentation survey reports which will identify and breaches within the fire compartments with the building.
  • Fire Stopping

    Our proactive team of fire safety experts can advice you on all the latest fire stopping methods and products, helping contain fire, smoke and heat. This is often as a result of detailed surveys and ongoing fire safety management.
  • Fire Door Signage

    We can supply a full range of signage associated with fire doors. Following the latest fire safety guidelines and regulations, our signage solutions are quick, cost effective and always compliant.

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