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Assurance of consistent quality and reliability across your entire portfolio

Fire safety and security are some of the most critical considerations in property management, as managing agents have a legal responsibility and a duty of care to the person paying for their services (usually the landlord).   It can feel like an unwieldy challenge, with fire safety and security as just two considerations in a long list of accountabilities and can be especially challenging when that list of responsibilities is repeated across dozens, hundreds or thousands of managed units.   By partnering with an expert provider, you can be assured that you’re taking the right precautions when it comes to fire safety and security in the properties in your portfolio.

Bespoke solutions with consistent reliability

Not only can the challenge of managing fire safety and security be down to volume, but also varying complexities from unit to unit. For example, a block of flats will require different considerations to a residential estate, and a commercial mixed-use development will be different still.   A comprehensive, maintained fire system can be tailored to cover properties of any size and complexity. Fire alarms, emergency lighting, automatic opening vents, dry -risers, sprinklers and associated services can be scaled to cover common areas, such as stairwells and corridors. Likewise, security systems such as access control or smart monitored CCTV systems can be scaled and tailored.   Working with an expert provider means you will have a bespoke system tailored specifically to each unique area of each unit, but you will have the assurance of consistent quality and reliability across your entire portfolio, giving you the confidence to assure landlords and clients that their investment will be safe in your hands.

Resolving unanticipated problems

Not all property management issues can be anticipated ahead of the opening of a commercial mixed-use unit, or tenancy begins in a residential unit. For example, anti-social behaviours can be time-consuming and expensive to tackle (particularly if they are not caused by a resident, and you don’t have the option of using potential eviction as a deterrent). A comprehensive security system can improve the prospects of an investment if anti-social behaviours become a problem in the fullness of time and use.

How FCS can help with Property Management?

FCS works closely with all parties right from the initial design process, including engaging with residents where necessary to ensure understanding and correct usage of new systems and solutions.   With dedicated engineering and administrative support, we can respond quickly and efficiently to emergency 24/7 on-site demands or required telephone support.   In our dedicated work with property management companies, FCS conducts installation and planned preventative maintenance with minimal disruption to daily operations.

Whether you are looking to install a new fire system from start to finish or arrange maintenance for your current fire safety system please contact us for a free quotation or site survey.

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