Fire Alarms

The first step in fire safety management

Fire alarms are a critical part of fire safety and proven to save lives time after time. We can offer an extensive range of conventional and addressable fire alarm systems, providing solutions that fit the exact needs of each building perfectly. A fire risk assessment will advise you if a fire alarm system is required and will recommend the category of fire alarm system that is suitable for your building. The type of fire alarm system depends on the building structure, the purpose and use of the building and current legislation.

Fire Compliance Services can offer our clients the peace of mind that we are 3rd Party Accredited under the BAFE SP203-1 Scheme for the Design, Installation, Commissioning/Handover and Maintenance of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems.

We can assist you with all of your fire alarm needs ranging from full design and installation, fire alarm commissioning, fire alarm upgrades and periodic maintenance.

Fire Alarm Design and Installation – Before a fire alarm system can be designed the building risk must be assessed and a category of system must be specified. This is usually determined by the authority responsible for enforcing the fire safety legislation or by a fire risk assessment. Once a fire alarm category has been confirmed Fire Compliance Services design and install a fire alarm system to meet your requirements and budgets in accordance with BS 5839.

Fire Alarm Commissioning – Our fire alarm commissioning service involves our fire safety experts thoroughly testing an installed alarm system, to ensure it operates correctly in accordance with the recommendations of fire safety standards and project specification.

Fire Alarm Maintenance – With the enforcement of the Fire Safety Order 2005, the person responsible for the building has a legal obligation to ensure that regular servicing and maintenance of your fire alarm system is undertaken. It will also give you assurance that your fire alarm equipment will work when it is needed most.

Smoke Vent Testing – Commonly installed in residential apartment blocks to keep escape and access routes free from smoke, this is an important part of any fire safety strategy. We can provide service and maintenance of smoke ventilation systems as well as upgrades and repairs.

Fire Alarm Zone Charts – it is a requirement under BS 5839 to have a schematic fire alarm zone chart fitted locally to your fire alarm control panel. We are able to survey and produce a professional framed fire alarm zone chart to ensure that your system is compliant.

Air Sampling Systems – our wide range of systems enable our Fire Safety Specialists to offer the perfect solution for your building that is both compliant and cost effective.

Radio Fire Alarm Systems – Often called wireless fire alarm systems, radio waves are used to relay the signal from the control panel and input devices such as manual call points and detectors, with output devices such as audible sounders visual beacons and relays.

24/7 Monitoring – If there is a fire or a fault within the system we can automatically be alerted and respond, often before you know there is a problem.

Fire Safety Signage – Our quick and easy signage service guides you through what you need to display to comply with the latest regulatory requirements. Durability and clarity are the key focuses of our signage services.

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